Full Council Meetings

Meetings from June 2020 – May 2021 took place on Zoom.  Meetings from 7 June 2021 onwards should take place at the Grimston Village Hall and are open to members of the public. 

Masks will be required for meetings in the hall, they may be removed once seated or addressing the Council. Attendees will be required to sign in for track and trace purposes.  Due to social distancing, seating will be limited.  Please enter via the main door and exit via the side door.  No paper copies of  agendas will be available at the meeting for the time being – Thank you for your cooperation.   

Minutes are in draft until approved at the next meeting.

Parish Meeting of Electors – Monday 27 September 2021 at 7.00pm
2021Agenda              2019APM Report

January       Agenda       Minutes
March          Agenda       Minutes
March (Planning)    Agenda    Minutes
April            Agenda        Minutes
May              Agenda        Minutes
June             Agenda       Minutes
June (2)       Agenda       Minutes
July             Agenda        Minutes
September  Agenda       Minutes
October     Agenda       Minutes

Members of the Public Attending Meetings
The Council welcomes the public to its meetings as by law members of the public must be admitted to all meetings of the full council, except under certain items regarded as confidential.   However, the law does not allow members of the public to take part in the debates.  The Chairman may decide to temporarily adjourn the meeting if information from the public would be relevant to an item under discussion.

The Council gives members of the public an opportunity to speak early in the meeting. This is done by temporarily adjourning the meeting for 15 minutes to open up the meeting for the Public and Ward Members.    The agenda for the meeting will state when this opportunity arises.  

If you wish to raise a point that does not relate to an item on that evening’s agenda you are free to do so. However, please be aware that the Council’s response to your point might be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the council is unable to make a decision binding in law (this is particularly relevant to financial decisions) unless a specific item is included on the agenda.  

The agenda is prepared about a week before the next monthly council meeting so you are advised to inform the Clerk or Chairman about ten days prior to the meeting if you have a specific item about which you would like the Council to discuss where every effort will be made to include your item.         

The Chairman will invite members of the public to speak at the appropriate point in the agenda, allocated time is 2 minutes per person.

January                 Agenda             Minutes
February*             *Agenda             Minutes
March                    Agenda             Minutes
March*                 Meeting  cancelled     Agenda
April                     Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
May                      Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
June                     Agenda               Minutes
July                       Agenda              Minutes
August*                 *Agenda            Minutes
September           Agenda               Minutes
October                 Agenda            Minutes
November            Agenda             Minutes
December           Agenda               Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting of Electors -4 May 2020 – Meeting cancelled 

January                012019Agenda         012019Minutes
March                  032019Agenda         032019Minutes
April                    042019Agenda          042019Minutes
May                     052019Agenda           052019Minutes
June                    062019Agenda           062019Minutes
July                     072019Agenda            072019Minutes
July EX              0722019Agenda           0722019Minutes
August EX          082019Agenda            082019Minutes
September      02092019 Agenda        092019Minutes
October           07102019Agenda           Minutes 
November       04112019Agenda           Minutes
December        03122019Agenda

Annual Parish Meeting of Electors –  13 May 2019
  2019APMAgenda     2018APMinutes

January                012018Agenda     012018Minutes 
March                    032018Agenda      032018Minutes
April                     042018Agenda       042018Minutes
May                       052018Agenda    052018Minutes
June                      062018Agenda    062018Minutes
July                      072018Agenda     072018Minutes
September        092018Agenda       092018Minutes
October                102018Agenda     102018minutes
November         05112018Agenda    05112018minutes
December        03122018Agenda    122018Minutes

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