GRIMSTON, West Norfolk

June 1921 – April 2021

 His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

His Royal Highness passed away peacefully on the morning of 9 April 2021 at
Windsor Castle.

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Welcome to Grimston Parish Council’s website covering the villages of Grimston and Pott Row 


The Parish of Grimston is a few miles east of King’s Lynn, stretching from the Eastern by-pass nearly to Massingham. The valley is viewed as one of the most important landscapes in West Norfolk, and can be seen while passing around the Knights Hill Roundabout and heading towards Fakenham, and also when coming from the Gayton Road (B1145) and over Annie Green’s Hill.  Grimston was the main village with the hamlet of Pott Row to the west (Pott Row is now the larger half of the parish). The population is around c. 2,000 (c. 2,500 with our sister parishes of Roydon & Congham).

The archaeology of Grimston reveals pottery which was made in Grimston/Pott Row and known throughout Europe.   Grimston pots have been found in Trondheim and Bergen, Norway where around 30% of the pots that have been found of that era were made in Grimston.   Other places of export include Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Iceland, as well as throughout East Anglia.  Typically they were inscribed with a cartoon face.  One of these has been copied onto a recently carved misericord in the church. The potters flourished particularly from 1200-1350, beginning in the area south of the church, though later moving West to what is now called Pott Row, although the best seam of clay runs in a narrow strip north to south, near the spring line, which the present B1153 follows.

Anglia Water – Statement

As you will be aware we are dealing with large scale flooding across our region, following excessive and persistent rainfall since Christmas. Following such persistent rainfall, any further rainfall, even small volumes that are falling on already saturated ground, are causing significant challenges as groundwater levels are extremely high and inundating into our sewer network. This coupled with the fact that wider drainage systems are at capacity and several rivers have burst their banks is resulting in flooding affecting some communities in our region, rather than a specific problem with our network. Sewers are simply not designed to carry this volume of water we’ve seen, or take excess flows from overflowing rivers and streams in some areas. Even once the rain stops, water levels will take time to peak before they begin to subside and the situation starts to improve.

Our teams have been working tirelessly to help as many customers as we can who have been, and continue to be affected by the flooding. At some locations we are tankering water away from our pumping stations to reduce the floodwater and help keep customers’ facilities working.  We have doubled the number of tankers in operation to more than 100 so we can help customers whose homes are flooding or where there is a risk to the environment.  We’re also working with the Environment Agency in various locations, to agree temporary permits which allow us to safely pump flood water away into nearby rivers and streams. These are called Local Enforcement Position statements (LEPs) and are only granted if they meet certain strict environmental criteria. Once we have these pumps in place it means we can redeploy tankers to where they are needed most critically, in areas where LEPs are not an option. We only have a finite number of tankers and we need to balance all customer and environmental risks.

The use of these LEPs is seen as a very last resort where we have no other options. We will only consider requesting a LEP where the floodwater will not cause environmental harm.  Also, we will only over pump volumes that our pumping stations cannot cope with and nothing more.  As soon as our pumping stations are able to keep up with flows we will stop over pumping.

I am writing to inform you that we currently have a LEP operating at Grimston within your parish to reduce the impact on residents.  Please be advised that this is operating under strict environmental parameters set by the Environment Agency and we are conducting daily checks and submitting sampling data to the Environment Agency to ensure no environmental harm.

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